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    Richard Jewell movie

    i counteract all the bad of today with holohoax videos about fake showers and the hilarious tall tales jews tell of their internment.
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    The United Kingdom must urgently rediscover what holds it together - Ex-Labour PM Gordon Brown

    its obvious "diversity is our strength" they need more muds.
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    Guatemala Blocks Covid Caravans Heading Towards USA "A statement from the Guatemalan president's office said: "Guatemala's message is loud and clear: These types of illegal mass movements will not be accepted, that's why we are working together with the neighbouring nations to address this...
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    Technocracy Rising

    what the fuck is a mom? the "housefrau" is waiting for his "man" to come home from work. we'll see this in the next commercial when they tongue kiss in the doorway. they will obviously be inter-racial too, not that i am against oil drilling homos.
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    Literal CUCKOLDRY in US Army RANGERS

    from the above link located right next to the pic of the two whites and chimp in hand: " Ranger spouses are often surprised to find that the friendships they develop with other Ranger families form lifelong bonds. "
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    Literal CUCKOLDRY in US Army RANGERS

    jews sit around looking at pics like this and just laugh.
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    Owners Discuss Removing Trump’s Name From Manhattan Highrise: Report

    lower tier jew housing: The Ovens
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    What happened to Azzmador??????

    i never saw anything on DS, from what i remember it was a warrant that cops would not look for him but would hang over him in case he got detained or arrested for something else.
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    What happened to Azzmador??????

    there is some gay warrant out for him from cville i think. with biden in he better lay low especially with his height /size.
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    Biden Adviser Says COVID-19 Likely Leaked From Wuhan Lab

    Fuck Ya, 'Merica!
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    Autopsy Files .org / See George Floyd's autopsy

    deal sealed!
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    Based Tacoma cops mow down crowd of spics and niggers

    and unarmed 18yo Fields was not supposed to fear for his safety? if the cops get away with this excuse, this video should be fair game for people to use as self defense evidence
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    Anybody have an easy way to watch tonight's MMA pay per view event?

    Thanks I will check that out tonight. šŸ˜Š