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    Constructive Criticism Request

    lmao who cares about typos if it's still legible, he doesn't have an editor
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    Constructive Criticism Request

    Yeah I still find pretty much all the articles good and either interesting or funny, usually both I don't mind either way on the edgy humour, but as you say aping 2010 /pol/ would just be stale, so you'd probably have the freshen things up
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    Zoomers, I need help with Bitcoin

    Maybe just set the money up to go to a different bank account of yours then donate from that account as often as it goes over the limit? Buying larger amounts is better anyway because theres a larger money/fee ratio
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    AOC Offers Help to da Jews

    AOC? Must stand for Always Offing Christ
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    The Bends: FedEx Mass Shooting was “Workplace Violence” by Autistic Boy

    lmao those ponies are looking like the face huggers off Alien
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    Does Anyone Else Think of the Backstreet Boys Song When Biden Says “America’s Back”?

    He misspoke, he intended to say "America's black"
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    Necromunda Underhive Wars

    >Use the pause trick on yellow devil? I'd do no such thing M'lady. It's cheating! Reddit says so! @Andrew Anglin
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    After Mandalorian Firing, Gina Carano Teams Up with *Checks Notes* with Ben Shapiro

    To the the tune of Johnny Cashs's "Don't take your guns to town" Don't take your Ben Shapiro, Just leave your Ben at home Gi, Don't take your Ben to town
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    BREAKING: Parler Goes Down After Trump Joins Social Media Platform – Apple Threatens to Remove Parler Unless it Enacts Draconian Censorship Policies

    >tfw the money you spent on coke in the last year could have been used to make Q post on Onlyfans
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    Necromunda Underhive Wars

    Do you know about the pause trick?
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    . fake
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    BloodSports: Steel Puma vs Gib-ay

    Skipping to the Beardson section
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    Sit around me hearth lads and enjoy some of the holiday cheer...

    Very relaxing music Very realistic fireplace, I can feel the heat (Though thats probably from my laptop trying to run the new CoD) Merry Christmas, everyone!
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    "I Was Raped As A Sex Worker And This Is What I Want You To Know"

    See, this is one of the problems with this modern "Sex worker" drivel Back in this day, this bitch would know she was a hoe, not a "sex worker" , and she would have a mean, street wise pimp, to keep any wayward punters in line Nowadays, Onlyfans or Sugar Daddy sites are the pimps, taking a...
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    Father Of Augustus Invictus Arrested On Prostitution And Human Trafficking Charges

    Online right wing figures named after Roman Emperors never fare well I remember years ago one of the hosts of the British based TRS podcast was outed as a furry live He had a Roman Emperor alias too