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    IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: Cuba Put Back on US Blacklist

    This move is gay af. Cuba is like Jamaica or the Dominican Republic, albeit less degenerate and corrupt. The US government should not be wasting even 2 minutes of its time thinking about such a minuscule country (except when the Soviets tried to make it a base for their nuclear missiles, I'd...
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    DC Cops Go Ahead and Arrest Proud Boys Leader Ahead of Wednesday Rally

    The one and only time a nigger is arrested for vandalism connected to BLM is.. when he burns a BLM flag. Top lulz. First they came for the white supreemists. Then they came for faggots like MILO or Gavin 'AnalPlug' McInness Then they came for kosher Zionist Islamophobes like Tommy Robinson...
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    Three Mexicans Shoot Up a Strip Club with an AK-47 After Being Told to Wear Masks

    Classic Anglin here, ladies and gents. Clap, clap.
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    France: People Who Refuse Vaccine to be Banned From Public Transport

    Yeah Bruce Willis is alright. On the other hand, Negro Chris Tucker was annoying as can be. The film's scenario was inept, even for low-brow scifi fare. Anything directed by Besson is usually clumsy at best. I have no idea why a cult following has formed around his work. He got metooed in France...
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    Alyssa Milano Posts Tweet About Israel Aid, Deletes After Being Goy-Shamed

    Reverse image search in Jewgle works wonders :
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    France: People Who Refuse Vaccine to be Banned From Public Transport

    The Fifth Element was an awful piece of garbage of a film, though. (sorry, nothing else to say, I suffer from severe health tyranny fatigue)
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    Putin Congratulates the Usurper Joe Biden on Stealing Election

    If memory serves me right, that is exactly the choice weev made when he had to leave the US to escape the FBI's claws. From various hint he left on the old BBS, he lived in different former Soviet legal grey zones, such as Transinistria and Abkhazia. However, I would advise you to change your...
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    Even If the EU Successfully Regulates Big Tech, Nothing Really Happens

    The anti-big tech rhetoric is ramping up in the EU, most specifically in France. Marcon has taken the lead of a concerted European effort against the GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) cartel, which has a stranglehold on tech, at least in the Western world. This is viewed very...
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    Even If the EU Successfully Regulates Big Tech, Nothing Really Happens

    True, but he still ended up in Ravensbrück.
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    Wicked Chinks Forcing Uighurs to Pick Cotton – Like Whites Did to Blacks!

    This brings back an old memory of regularly walking down a street in Pudong, the then brand new business district of Shanghai, 15 years ago. Some Uyghur, complete with their typical Moslem skull caps, had taken over the sidewalk with their unlicensed kebab stalls. One morning, I hear a...
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    I Doubt Anyone is Actually Going to Ban Plastics

    Bollocks, Masterchief. As @Iconoclast has stated, soap, in its most basic form, is a mix of fat and caustic soda. No plastic in there. Sure 99% of soaps you'll find in a supermarket are garbage with tons of additives in them, but that does not mean that soap is plastic. Shiiiiiieeeeeeet. I...
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    Israel General Says Aliens Made Deal with US Government to Experiment on Earthlings

    It could just be a classic case of senile dementia. Or not.
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    Christian Heroes Destroy Fake Alien Monolith in the Name of Christ!

    My instinct tells me: bullshit performance by some Bansky-wannabe contemporary "artist". (the monoliths, that is, not the chad America firsters)
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    Taiwan is Demanding the World Protect Them While Offering Nothing

    On the whole, Taiwan is more pleasant than mainland China. People are more polite, the environment is slightly less polluted. Some pretty scenery. A handful of nice heritage sites. It's also the most globohomoed country in the whole of Asia; complete with gay pride parades, gay marriage, the...
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    Australia: National Rugby Players Sing Abo National Anthem

    New Zealand's Melanesian Maori are very different from Australia's Australoid Abos. I mean, they're shitty too, but in a less obviously retarded manner. They're way more aggressive and war-like, though.