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    Watch: Abortionist Claims Babies Are Not Alive Until They Exit Women’s Bodies

    If a prosecutor can use the unborn as leverage to get a conviction, they will be used. The amount of crocodile tears flowing from our courts of injustice are exceeded only by the torrents from our media.
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    50 Migrants Die After Trailer Abandoned in Texas Heat

    It’s just not as funny when these Aztecs pull this kind of shit…if blacks would have done something similar you know it would have been outlandishly hilarious, like they would have been caught red handed actually eating a spicy penis to gain invincibility and longer lasting erections.
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    US Supreme Court Now Looking to Undo Separation of Church and State, Media Claims

    Obviously Kavanaugh and Amy Two Names read the Stormer Daily. All that shit you talked about them got in they head…they know now that DMX is dead, AA is the one that gon give it to ya, since X can no longer deliver to ya.
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    Joe Biden Helped Hunter Pay $30,000 Bill for Over-Priced Hookers

    Well, he couldn’t be any worse than all the 5 star turds we’ve had to put up with in our lifetimes… I’d prefer President Camacho over any of them tbh.
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    Nancy Labels the Supreme Court an Extremist Group

    You keep us all reading and comprehending, Coltraine. 👍🏻😂
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    Third World America: Amtrak Derails Completely

    A real G speeds up for a track obstacle.
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    G7, West to Support Ukraine “For as Long as It Takes” – “The Price of Freedom is Worth Paying”

    If the ancient Greeks could see our democracy today, they would all be ready to drink hemlock…not even the “original democrats” would let their slaves and women and poor assholes have a say in how society is run. They’d look around and say: You have jews, too? We thought somebody would have...
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    Jews Again Say Not Killing Babies is a Violation of Their Religion

    Maybe I’m reading the Bible wrong, but that’s pretty much what I gather from it. Either way…Zero lies detected.
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    Fox News Black Guy’s Brother Killed in Chicago

    Wypipo been dropping spears into Wakandan communities since before history, hoping Wakandans exterminate each other with run-by spear chuckings.
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    Netflix Hemorrhaging Money, Adding Ads, Cracking Down on Password Sharing

    This entire convo about telecom in America vs the rest of the world can be summed up in one phrase: America: Pay more, Get less America is now nothing more than a giant grift, a way to extract as much wealth as possible for jews before they finally abscond with it all to their next...
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    FDA Bans Juul E-Cigs

    FDA Endorsed Solution for Whites: Start smoking fentanyl. For Blacks: Keep smoking Kools.
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    The Slutpocalypse is Already Happening

    Dennis Hopper, too. Missin dem niggas. 😢
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    Supreme Court Ends Roe v. Wade! Half the States to Ban Abortion!

    Jennifer Rubin is sad proof that it is, unfortunately, impossible to die of extreme ugliness. I still have faith in the vaxx, tho. Hope she stays up to date.
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    The Economy: Eventually, Basically Everyone is Going to be a Single Issue Voter

    Wasn’t that Crank with Jason Statham?