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    Is Beijing Biden a Pants-Pooper? Sources Say So

    Hoax Watch correctly pointed out that the jew Jerry Nadler, in a flagrant violation of international law and common decency, dropped deuce during a press conference… When Anglin speaks on whether a guy shits himself or not, we need to listen.
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    New York: Woman Rips Down Disgusting Subway Sex Ads

    That’s his vaxx injection site. Elephantitis means the vaxx is working. Ask Nikki Minaj’s cousin.
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    British Government Tells People Not to Fret, Everything Will be Totally Fine and Normal

    I think the CO2 shortage is a big deal in the UK because they use it to suffocate animals before butchering them, as opposed to the barbaric ways the rest of the uncivilized world uses that involve bleeding. 😱😱😱
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    Look, No One Supports Kicking a Dog – But…

    For the record, I support kicking little yap dogs that are constantly under foot. Zero tolerance. Only God can judge me.
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    Look, No One Supports Kicking a Dog – But…

    Truly you are a National Treasure, sir, what Michael Caine is to England, you are to America. Well played.
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    Coronavirus Vaccine Passport Expires 6 Months After Last Dose, Israeli Ministry of Health Announces

    No such thing as slips of the tongue anymore, The Biden Entity excepted. These demons have to rub our noses in it, and those like us who see it will be ridiculed and persecuted by the blind sheep as always, because most don’t even have the possibility of waking up. The Great Prophet Wang-Lin...
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    The Bidens Give UN Speech, Vow Destruction of China

    It will be just like an action movie. Yet, in a very odd but thoroughly debunked parallel with the pandemic that killed millions, no one will know anyone who died in the war. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    The Bidens Give UN Speech, Vow Destruction of China

    They’re so different and weird it makes them easy to hate. Having the Communist moniker attached to them makes it easier still, even though they are more National Socialist than anything else…which is why the (((media))) makes it OK to hate them dirty slopes. But imagine the implications of the...
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    Government Admits Bridge Haitians Being Shipped Across the Country on Buses and Planes

    Sounds more like they want to punish Mexicans for being Mexican. My Mexican neighbor the other day was bitching about how every TV commercial is full of niggers…😂😂😂
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    UK: Labour MP Backs Out of Conference After Trannies Threaten to Beat Her Up

    I’ll take Fictional Literary Creatures for $1000, Alex.
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    New England Journal of Medicine Admits 1 in 8 Vaxed Pregnant Women Have Spontaneous Abortions

    Anybody listen to Dr. Matt Johnson’s podcasts on Radio Albion? His latest one about the retarded 9/11 story had him excoriating Americans for being utterly unable to perceive the world outside of action movie tropes and the like. Literally everything the average Boobus Americanus knows, or...
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    Project Veritas Releases Vax Terror Report

    I had it a few years back and it’s among the best money I ever spent.
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    Project Veritas Releases Vax Terror Report

    When you can solve the most befuddling medical mystery in the space of a hour time slot, you never miss your tee time.
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    Breitbart’s Nolte: Get Vaxed to Own the Libs, Libs are Trying to Trick You to Avoid the Vax

    David French has an older, gayer brother?
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    Trump Says America “Becoming a Cesspool of Humanity”

    No idea. But what does that say about Haitians? 😂😂😂😂