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    Spain: Translator Fired for Not Being a Black Woman (“Translating While White” is Now Officially a Thing)

    Yeah, I guess I'm OK with this too because it really tells White liberals they too will be excluded along with the deplorables from the coming enforced hierarchy. It's the same feeling I get when I see that the Royals are going to be forced to kiss Meghan's ass no matter how many anti-racism...
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    The Latest Jew Scam To Fleece The Goyim: NFTs

    Sure, or for funding anything. Anglin could sell an NFT of himself or some other artwork to fund this site. This is why private blockchains like Monero are doomed. Privacy coins are getting delisted and banned. No way the gubmint is going to let people buy NFTs privately over the long term. Only...
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    2021 post what you're listening to right now

    I'm listening to ZZ Top before they get banned. Pepe Le Pew is banned for rape. So you know ZZ will soon be on the ban list.
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    The Latest Jew Scam To Fleece The Goyim: NFTs

    Just a fad, I think. I just paid $50 for a piece of 1970s art. I thought to myself if I would pay $50 for an NFT of the same art that is only owned on a computer screen. Nope. I want something in my hands, something I can put on my wall that is made of non-digital materials that I can put my...
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    China Creating New Master Race

    This doesn't seem like it would be a hard thing to do. With dogs it doesn't take that many generations to produce a breed with unique talents and abilities, and with genetic engineering, it could be even faster. I can see the Chinese coming up with special breeds of soldier just based on their...
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    Western vs Eastern European gf

    There's a crappy show called "90-day Fiance." Watch an episode or two of that with the Ukrainian or Russian brides (like Anfisa or Maria), and you will see how they suck. Gold digging, police called, drama, drama, drama, drama, divorce rape. But the guys they marry are all bluepilled, wimpy...
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    Western vs Eastern European gf

    A Ukrainian guy told me the only way this would work is if you marry the girl and live in her small village with her parents watching her and helping control her behavior. Otherwise, with cellphones, you get the same stuff as with Western women, just less fat.
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    Yes, I do. But if the US wants to shut down Bitcoin and exchanges, that prevents non-techie normies from buying on Coinbase, or ATMs, ETFs, etc.. It also prevents US corporations from buying. Believe me, if those things happen, the whole store of value and "new gold" narrative will break down...
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    OK, if you think Bitcoin and your congressmen from Wyoming can withstand the likes of Yellen, Schumer and company, then good. But I think the empire may eventually strike back on Bitcoin. We'll see. It certainly is gaining firm roots. If a more mainstream company like Apple gets in, my doubts...
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    I'm glad you're making some money and are excited. I am too, but it can crash, a lot lower than you would ever expect. It has happened before and can happen again. Just let the government do something like shutdown the exchanges in the US and the price will crash.
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    Price of gold and silver flying, cryptos too

    Absolutely there's a chance it will crash. These people propping up Bitcoin like Elon Musk, Michael Saylor, Grayscale, they are not insiders of the financial world. People like Sherman, Yellen, Schumer, Biden, bankers, they still haven't had their final say. And that final say could crash the...
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    GameStop Short Squeeze is Totally Over, But Maybe It’s a Real Company Now?

    Comment I saw from another board: "Damn it, I was short on DOGE. How rich do I have to be to get exchanges make it so that DOGE can only be sold? Asking for a friend." 😅
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    Marilyn Manson: All The Allegations Of Abuse, Assault We Know So Far

    Yeah, I remember around mid-90's. If you wanted to get away from rap, which most white kids back then did (rap is crap was a common phrase), it was either grunge or dark metal, like Manson, since hair metal was largely dead. I don't remember anything else to listen to, except for college...
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    AWFL and husband get their brains blown out after taunting neighbor (VIDEO)

    Sounded like she called him a scumbag for "you don't fucking bother with nobody." Now, since when did mind your own business make you a scumbag? Lots of my neighbors do this. I don't have any problem with them.
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    WHITE PILL Morgan Wallen’s Sales Skyrocket After Nigger Controversy

    Yeah, well, this is just the beginning. You can't trash and cancel people ad infinitum without some pushback.