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    Disastrous crush at Israeli festival

    Any compensation claims in yet?
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    An Esoteric Thread

    I recently bought a copy of Goetia Lesser Key of Solomon , a black magic spell book. I only really bought it because it was published by Jimmy Page's occult publishing company (in 1976) and I sort of collect Led Zeppelin stuff. Page also had an occult book shop around the same time and was...
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    Jewish Groups Want Michael Che to Accept His Place as a House Negro, Demand Apology

    Just look at this kvetching. It would seem that absolutely everyone hates the Jews, left , right and center. It would seem that the Jews do not want any jokes or negative comments made about them ever. It would seem that the Jews demand privileges not afforded to anyone else. It would seem that...
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    Jewish Groups Want Michael Che to Accept His Place as a House Negro, Demand Apology

    The Jew controlled Clinton government could have stopped the Rwandan genocide. They certainly knew about it. But just as with the deaths of half a million Iraqi children - a 'price worth paying' according to Jewess Albright, it seems that life is very very cheap if you are goyim and of no use to...
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    Mr. Bond arrested in Austria. F.

    I can't believe he's Austrian (assuming he's not an American living in Austria) Nothing in the way he speaks or sings lead me to believe he was anything but American
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    Trump Sparks Firestorm With Suggestion To Delay Elections 'Until Vote Can Be Safe'

    Miller wants millions of Democrats dead in a Civil War /clampdown cos Dems don't worship the Hebrews enough ?
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    Father Coughlin talks about Reichskristallnacht, 1938

    Number six , Jews Christians and poisecution
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    TikTok algorithm promoted antisemitic meme

    'Viewed six million times' 😁😁😁😁
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    Do you ever feel guilt for being a white nationalist/ns?

    No I just think of the gulags, and the 100m dead thanks to communism and the vast crimes against the natural world due to the overpopulated Marxist dump our overlords have created.
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    Trump Blames Antifa and the Radical Left

    President Miller hates antifa cos they hate Israel cos it's an ethno state And they don't want a war against Iran
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    The Media Seems to Not Like Donald Trump Very Much

    I just see him as a political whore who targets the people Zionists hate - Democrats who dare to tell the truth about Israel, Muslims who are sick of having their countries destroyed and anyone who threatens the super rich. Him and Miller think we are just easily manipulated dumb goyim. If the...
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    Israel Prepares to Annex West Bank of Palestine, With US Support, of Course - Due to Start July 1

    As someone living in Britain it feels like we now have a one party state. I am surprised the same people who elected Corbyn as Labour leader have now elected a coward like Starmer, who has a Jewish wife. So much for Labour being riddled with antisemites. But the way they closed ranks to destroy...
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    Cambridge University graduate calls for extermination of Jews