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    Fake President’s Motorcade Surrounded by Trumpists

    Mack Trucks should be fucking ostracized! What kind of trucking company would have the reanimated corpse of Joe Biden and its tree-hugging faggot handlers anywhere near it, let alone use it for a propaganda stop.
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    America Goes On A Buyer's Strike: Explosive Inflation Leads To Record Collapse In Home, Car Purchase Plans

    Like an erect penis about to ram into an anus and use the rectum to ejaculate into the feces because those are our values???? 😬 Yikes! I've been reading too much Daily Stormer lately...
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    BLM activist accused of molesting 62 kids returns to school board despite ongoing investigation

    Molested by a nigger??? Dayum, that's cold-blooded. Lol.
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    Are Women Supposed To Have Enormous Tits?

    Anyone who watches 90 Day Fiance for the lolz like I do will understand. When I think of big, fat, sloppy udders, I think of nigger-loving chain-smoking porker Angela from 90-Day, lol.
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    Are Women Supposed To Have Enormous Tits?

    I was just watching Real America's Voice (which I've grown quite fond of since discovering Steve Bannon's War Room), and they had a guest host with these gargantuan watermelon titties, a super tight shirt with cleavage, and what appeared to be a necklace with a golden hand pointing the index...
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    John Stockton Assists Team Antivaxx

    Steve Kerr has become an Ultra Fag. He didn't get enough radiator hose in the locker room all those years, so he continues to gobble nogger dong to this day.
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    Normies are waking up to FBI entrapment techniques

    Have you ever seen that TV movie they made about him? It was like a Lifetime movie, but iirc it was on a major network. I remember really enjoying it.
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    Beaner cop responding to shot nigger finishes him off by running him over with her cop car.

    And I used to think "That nigger's so black, he'd be counted absent at night school" was a practical, yet funny enough joke to elicit a sensible chuckle!
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    Dallas Convenience Gooks Give Beat Down To Mega Sheboon

    I think you got a good chance of winning thread title of the week.
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    Riot Declared as Chaotic Brawl Breaks Out Between Proud Boys and Antifa at Park Near Portland (VIDEO)

    Watching that was depressing. What do you think the Russian soccer hooligans from that one famous throwdown video would think watching this gay-ass shit. What kind of special Portland style faggotry is this where everyone is running around spraying bear spray all over the goddamned place...
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    Poetic: Gigantic Black Woman Delivers A Future Space Doctor On The Counter At McDonald's

    😂 Big Mac would be a killer real name if you were born at McDonald's.
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    700 Pound Bronze George Floyd Statue Unveiled at Newark City Hall, New Jersey— in Time for Juneteenth Celebrations (VIDEO)

    That's a quadruple B. A Big Black 🖤 Beautiful Bitch. Check out the pink topped female gorilla feeling up Laid Back George Floyd's bronze radiator hose!