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    This is how Hitler could still win ww2

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    Who is this guy potsticker swastika on the forum?

    If piss is stored in the balls, female piss is stored in their ass. Discuss.
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    Buckle up: Hunter Biden laptop scandal may be about to get a whole lot worse

    It's hard to believe, the House that Fox Mulder Built being so against the truth.
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    Buckle up: Hunter Biden laptop scandal may be about to get a whole lot worse

    We must entertain the possibility that Hunter Biden is, in fact, a dumb idiot who smokes crack.
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    Fags "born that way" or made?

    I remember Patrice O'Neal made a very simple point that always sticks out from time to time: the steroetype of the effeminate gay man is the same across all cultures and across time. Go back to Feudal China and the gay man will be limp wristed and catty and womanlike.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 General

    I don't even remember much feminism shit, but I do remember walking around doing the knockout game with strippers.
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    How 2020 Comes To An End: 7 Predictions

    The mail-in ballot thing really is the keystone to this whole thing. Even in slightly more sensible times the Democrats and Republicans would agree mail-in ballots are a shitshow. There is provable, documented evidence across decades of voter fraud and tampered ballots and thousands just thrown...
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    Stefan Molyneux complains about declining viewership

    Deplatforming sucks cause it works. Getting people to change is hard, even learning Bitcoin for the average dissident is gonna be like a 3 year process.
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    Boogie pulls gun on Frank Hassle

    I hope this puts to rest all the rumors it's a work. There's all these people who think it was faked by both for clout. I've said it elsewhere, but the absolute best thing Frank could do at this point is pretend it was fake, and claim it was Boogie's idea. And make Boogie run around doubling...
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    Boogie pulls gun on Frank Hassle

    lol what does this even have to do with TRS dude? I think the one time I said anything about TRS was making fun of the National Justice Party in the thread. Not everyone you disagree with is a secret TRS spy.
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    Channel 4 viewers horrified as Brit 'sex tourist grannies' swarm Gambia for young men

    This shit is so bizarre, the real headline appears to be "black men will fuck literally anything."
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    Boogie pulls gun on Frank Hassle

    Hassle is getting a lot of praise for a dude who just harasses seniors in stores and stole 80% of his personality from Sam Hyde.
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    TWISTED TRS SAGA THICKENS!-- Lancaster Patriot editor confirms his identity as white nationalist Norman Garrison

    It's probably wignat taqiya. If I was being blasted all over the media I would immediately reach for "I was playing a character." That's incredibly hard to prove "wrong" and you can probably avoid a lot of possible hate crime charges.
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    Post Your Reading Suggestions

    I've been trying to get more into history, is there anything acceptable covering the violent revolutions in Haiti?
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    The Autism Containment Thread

    Been thinking a lot about "boomerwaffen? more like coomerwaffen" and then i do a school shooting on myself.