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    Rate yourself on the incel decile scale!

    Looks don't matter. Women date ugly men all of the time and this idea that they chase Chad is bullshit. This incel channel has several videos on the topic where he takes pictures of couples in public to show that ugly men make up the majority of men with girlfriends. You can just skip around his...
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    "My fake vagina is literally made out of flesh from corpses, how cyberpunk is that?"

    This is the white man's version of skin lampshades.
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    GTA6 leaked

    We won bros
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    Women are So Ugly

    I was friends with a girl trying to be a Victoria Secret model about 10 years ago. I remember Cara Delevingne distinctly because where every model was trying to pose seriously, she stood out because she only did goofy faces. You can look up her early portfolio and you will see that 90% of it is...
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    Hero Who Shot Faggot Loser John Lennon Denied Parole Once Again!

    John Lennon was based. He admired Hitler, hated kikes, and hated faggots. He even had yellow fever.
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    Queen of England finally gonna died !

    Imagine the karma of flooding your country with foreigners and they celebrate your death. Literally every nigger on twitter right now is talking shit :ROFLMAO:
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    Gavin McInnes admits he faked getting arrested

    Gavin McInnes admitted his arrest was, "art" and he is pissed off that his friends don't want to talk to him anymore. He says that he didn't lie, people just got "duped". Part 1 (begins talking about his arrest at 9:20) Part 2
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    Another Dream I Had

    I think it's called IPFS and it currently exists. It hosts the DNS on the blockchain so glowies can't take it down.
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    Paganism is Atheism

    Any religion that worships marvel superheroes is atheist
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    In Sweden, Rape Capital of Europe, Women Can’t Carry Pepper Spray; Academics Can’t Reveal Rapists’ Ethnicity

    Although I'm in favor of rape, I am not in favor of interracial. These women need to be stoned for betraying their race. Allah wills it.
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    Alleged screenshot of Owen Benjamin: Gavin McInnes' FBI arrest a prank

    I don't really trust Owen Benjamin because he's a schizo, but Josh Denny is Gavin's friend and compared him to Andy Kauffman on twitter. Denny basically admitted it was a prank without saying it outright.
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    Pocahontas going to outer space in joint fronthole/Japanese mission

    They should make the women dress sexy