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    He seems to have copied the mannerisms of Owen Benjamin and might be suffering from the same mental illness. He makes so many different arguments that it's impossible to pin down what he's saying. It seems the bitch test stuff is a retcon for his mental instability/ drug use. I like him when he...
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    I think he's on meth.
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    Maroon 5 Singer Harangued for Sending Messages to Greasy Slut on Instagram

    I disagree agree a bit with this part. Not the first part, that seems reasonable, but women don't often seem to know what they are doing. They run off instinct and emotion. This whore probably doesn't even understand why she got mad it him, which was because he stopped messaging her. When she...
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    Moon Landing 'hero' Buzz Aldrin finally comes clean

    They are either Feds, Hasbara trolls, or deranged psychotics off their meds. It's pointless engaging with moon deniers. Just note them as detractors and/or bad faith actors and move on.
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    Model Takes Sexy Photos with Teenage Son She is Sex Victimizing (Women are So Ugly, Part II)

    I think these women in all this make up look like ridiculous clowns, and now due to tranny madness, I just assume all women who look like that have a cock. Most of the before pictures are revolting, except for the first one. Do women just sit around picking at their faces? Get a hobby, bitch.
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    Tea Tree Oil Extract

    Great stuff. Keep some in your bug out bag and medicine cabinet. It's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It can keep a nasty cut from getting infected.
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    Stormer-Denounced Candidate Blake Masters Wins Primary, Others

    Yeah, it's that from that Diversity Macht Frei link from 2018. He apparently does his kvetching in the intro to his book. You can get the gist of the argument from the footnotes. Somebody can probably find a copy, going to bed...
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    That stream put me in some kind of liminal space of being half away. Why snipe such a boring show? Also, what was that nonsense Beardson was saying? Was this another one of his attempts at humor? Ralph is going to make the movement look bad? Coming from Beardson I guess it's kinda funny, but I...
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    Far-Right Internet Troll 'Baked Alaska' Pleads Guilty In Capitol Riot

    Every article goes out of its way to label him as a rat. It was a live stream. Everyone could see it was a live stream. It's basically public record.
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    It was an attempt to get this train wreck back on the tracks. Waste of time. These two idiots can't run a show for long. Medicare should have got back some clout coin by burning them to the ground. He could have separated himself from the bitter former gunt riders as well.
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    It was on Telegram. She deleted it. This is what's up now.
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    Are you going mask off for this?
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    Women thread

    Hoflation has gotten insane. I look occasionally out of curiosity. Yes, curiosity. A few years ago, you could find a 7-8 for around 2 bills, give or take. Even some of the high volume roasties looked decent, but it's clear they are banging 10-30 dudes a day for 50 bucks a throw. Now I have...
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    They are 100% going to bring Cantwell back after he gets out. They will also claim he dindu nuffin, and he's off the meth. What he actually did was threaten a White Nationalist to try to get a dox. He then called CPS on this White Nationalist and reported him for racism and drugs. Fuck that clown.
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    "My Rapist Took Me To CVS So That I Could Buy Plan B"

    Bitch so fat and gross, you spark up a joint and try to laugh. Dude had to be like thank god this heifer is downing some Plan B.