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    Racist Jews Taunt Africans With Big Ugly Nigger Statue

    I got a couple of those in my garden - can' t stop my dogs from peeing on them...
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    Racist Jews Taunt Africans With Big Ugly Nigger Statue

    I was in Memphis the other day and passed by the ugly stump where this statue once proudly posed in Overton Park: Nathan Bedford Forest. His statue and that of Jefferson Davis, torn down in Memphis. Soon to be replaced by something hideous like this: and everywhere else where once were...
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    Ben Shapiro’s Sister Has Miscarriage After Shilling the Vaxx

    Agreed. As Jews do everything they can to decrease our birthrates (zero population growth aimed at us Whites and ONLY Whites, the Pill, making abortion legal) - and destroy our genetic lines, along with leading the anti-White parade that permeates everything. No sympathy from me for these...
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    80's metal video ho Tawny Kitaen dead

    I always remember her as one of OJ's girlfriends (while still married to Nicole). Apparently Nicole, right before she was murdered, found some large diamond earrings in OJ's stuff and thought they were for her. Later, she saw Tawney Kitaen wearing them and became enraged. I think OJ beat the...
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    Memetic Monday: post memes here

    That is a great graphic - just swiped it to re-post on normie and other sites where idiots question the U.S. set up as a White nation. Giving you full credit, of course.
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    Memetic Monday: post memes here

    Why were those Roman Emperors so White? I keep hearing that Africans founded Rome, that's what all the history books say:
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    Memetic Monday: post memes here

    They're inviting in White farmers from South Africa - the ONLY country to do so.
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    CNN Host Says People Who Don't Take The Vaccine Should Be Socially Ostracized By Friends and Family

    I still believe all of this was a ploy to get Trump out of office. The COVID "scare" made it easier to change voting laws in the U.S. i.e., mail-in votes, extended voting days and absentee voting - ballot harvesting too in some states - making it FAR easier to steal the election, which is...
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    CNN Host Says People Who Don't Take The Vaccine Should Be Socially Ostracized By Friends and Family

    I'm seeing this with the younger, "woke" generation in my own family - they've been taught to believe everything the government says is correct and true - including that COVID is the most deadly disease that has ever affected mankind. Ever. There is no changing their minds. They'll cite...
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    The Pressure Cooker: ‘This will not end well’

    Jew have a trump card: Israel. Which they are making GD sure is for Jews and ONLY Jews. At the moment, they're busy deporting all blacks from their nation - straight to White countries: April 27th: Israel to deport 100 Black Hebrews to the US within 2 months - report...
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    The Pressure Cooker: ‘This will not end well’

    When I think of pressure cooker (in this situation) I am reminded of how the old Soviet bosses sat on Eastern Europe like a lid on a pressure cooker - you can only keep the forced lies and false system together for so long before the entire thing blows up - and blow up it did. When the pressure...
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    Why are white male-black female marriages more successful?

    They will also lower the IQ of your genetic line.
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    Richard Spencer Ordered to Pay 2,4 Million

    These are the same types of lawsuits that sued the KKK out of business. Jews have been very effective at warping American laws and people's Constitutional Rights. Maybe they can use the same tactics Al Sharpton used to get out paying off lawsuits he lost.
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    Oy Vey! Antisemitic Black White Supremacist Terrorists Hatefully Murder Israeli Jew In Baltimore!

    it was motivated by antisemitism Wait...wait....stop...stop...I'm on your side....
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    It’s Going to Take Me a While to Come to Terms with Sean Hannity’s Interview with Bruce Jenner

    Fucking hell. You're gonna owe me a new keyboard, buddy.