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    Men vs Women. Republican vs Democrats. Attitudes towards lockdowns. From August - September this year.

    I mean, women are naturally more cowardly than men, so this isn’t really news. Women are less likely to do any activity that puts them at risk. Still interesting nonetheless to have the coronavirus data
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    Republicans desperate to avoid floor fight over Electoral College vote

    Pretty much. The entire reason Russia collapsed is because everyone in power rolled over to the provisional government, which then in turn rolled over to the Soviets. If the Czar or any of the leading generals of the army had taken a stand early on, the communist revolution would never have...
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    ⁉️Army Leaders Join Gen. Milley and Release Statement Saying There Is “No Role” for US Army in Martial Law in Determining Elections

    Trump’s entire presidency has been one gigantic missed opportunity. If anyone was actually hoping for a coup, they’re delusional. I remember even last year Ryan Faulk was talking about the impossibility of trump staging of a coup, because he’d put forth absolutely no effort in putting loyal men...
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    Coomers on Suicide Watch - Pornhub removes most of its videos

    Coomers are seething
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    New Los Angeles DA Says He Will Stop Prosecuting Most Crimes

    In Portland and San Francisco you can steal up to 800 dollars of merchandise a day and not be charged with a crime as long as you’re homeless and or a drug addict. We should start abusing the dumbass laws these people are making. If any of you are hurting for money, I’d suggest moving to Oregon...
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    Half of America Dismissed with Extreme Prejudice; Opens Door to Increased Popularity of Secession

    Fuck this author. Literally none of the justices are Protestant, and only Gorsuch was even raised Protestant, but he converted to Catholicism. I don’t know why Catholics always try to throw Protestants under the bus. This L is entirely on the Catholics.
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    Contingency Plans if Secession Fails: Election Fraud?

    I feel like this attitude, while true, prevents us from acting effectively. This same logic could be used to say secession will never happen. In order for to be legal, we need to get our lawmakers to do it. Democrats control of the media hampers our efforts. The establishment will not be willing...
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    Contingency Plans if Secession Fails: Election Fraud?

    There’s obviously still a chance for trump to pull off a second term, but it’s looking increasingly likely that republicans are traitors and or spineless cowards who don’t have the will do to what’s necessary to win. I know everyone wants to focus on secession, and we should, but the fact...
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    Richard Spencer wants to beat up Nick Sandman & Kyle Rittenhouse. Says he has more in common with New York liberals

    It’s up to you of course, but I honestly don’t see any downsides to giving Spencer attention now. I know there’s always a risk of media attention backfiring, and there’s probably some wignats who could have a negative effect on part of the DS audience when given a spotlight, maybe even persuade...
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    The Real Reasons All the Top Chess Players Are Men

    There’s only been 2 women to ever crack the top 100 and one of them was Judit Polgár, who was abused by her high ranking communist, Jewish parents. They were trying to create the first female chess champion and so they homeschooled her and made her do mostly chess for anywhere to 8-14 hours a...
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    Richard Spencer wants to beat up Nick Sandman & Kyle Rittenhouse. Says he has more in common with New York liberals

    We’re reaching levels of faggotry that shouldn’t even be possible. We need to summon an international tribunal to deal with Spencer’s homosexuality, because it’s off the charts.
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    More UFO Stuff Comes Out

    This is literally a picture of a fucking birthday ballon VS
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    You better have won

    You better have won
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    Israel General Says Aliens Made Deal with US Government to Experiment on Earthlings

    This is actually sorta true, but there are many pictures of earth from Geostationary satellites that are not composites. However, most of the Geostationary satellites are weather satellites and under the control of NOAA, not NASA. NASA mostly controls low Earth orbit Satellites. NOAA itself has...