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    The Bends: Family Birthday Party Massacre in Colorado – Six Dead

    Eventually we're going to have mass shooters using crossbows and flame throwers.
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    There are Only Two Choices: Following the Truth or Embracing Fear

    Well said. Thank God that Jesus meets us where we are, and holds out his hand to help us climb out of the pit.
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    Roosh – I’m Gonna Have to Stop You Right There

    As my old man used to say before he left this shitty world, "If we are to be the last of the White men who conquered the world; if we are finally to be overwhelmed by a pack of rats, let us at least face the death of our race as our ancestors faced their death - like men. Let us not crawl down...
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    Tool Talk

    The most useful tool for 2021 "white boy summer" may very well be the Ruger GP100
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    Netherlands: Bee Population Stops Falling After New Measures Actually Work

    That sounds about right. Bee space = The "bee space" is the precise gap within a hive or natural nest that bees won't fill with wax or propolis. It enables the bees to crawl around in their home. The ideal distance somewhere between 4.5 mm and 9 mm. Bees will fill any space less than 1/4 inch...
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    Nick Fuentes Put on the No-Fly List by the Feds – Conservative Twitter Forms Convoy!

    I'm considering getting a restored jeep or pick up. Something at least 25 years old, but a 'ground-up' restore.
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    Nick Fuentes Put on the No-Fly List by the Feds – Conservative Twitter Forms Convoy!

    No fly list also means no "buy" list. If you're on the no fly list you can't buy a gun. Basically Nick has two choices now. He can cuck and disavow all things considered "hwite supreemacee" and he can disappear from public view and learn to accept the 'new normal' of being banned and blocked...
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    Former Golden Dawn MEP Has Immunity Withdrawn, Gets Arrested at EU Parliament

    I'm sure John Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would agree. It's the very definition of corruption and the exact opposite of the things those men fought for. The current discrimination against people with opposing political views should alarm EVERYONE! This isn't about left...
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    Lifestock, Cattle, Gardening, Survival

    Another benefit to goats is they're a lot easier to work with. A 1000lb heifer or 1800lb bull isn't something a single man or a group of beginners is going to be able to handle. Working cattle requires experience, skills and equipment. A goat can be held by one person, without need for cattle...
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    Rasmussen Poll Shows 51% of Americans Believe the 2020 Presidential Election Was Rigged

    Nullification should already be happening at the local and state court level. Never convict a white man unless the victim is also a white man. Any white man accused of victimless crimes like weapons, drugs or DWI with no injuries should be found not guilty by every jury. Any white man accused of...
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    The Script Won’t Change Because of Chauvin Getting Crucified

    If you're not already living in the sticks get there today. Get on a homestead and start getting self sufficient. Once the cities and burbs burn down we can reclaim them.
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    The Script Won’t Change Because of Chauvin Getting Crucified

    If we've learned anything it's that "objective reality" has no bearing on anything (((they))) impose upon us. Lesbian pastors? Tranny story time? Faggot adoption? Critical race theory? Violent mobs rioting are called peacful protestors while normal White Christians are domestic terrorists...