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    Polar Bear Shot in Quebec 180 Miles From Canada-US Border After Wandering Unusually Far South

    Tranquilizer w a drop off wld hv been sufficient
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    Does anyone else check on Eugenia Cooney every other week or so?

    Burn it w fire ! Horror movie shit
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    Incel hero sprays mace on violent roastie sociopath, 100% self defense

    Savage. Retarded af but funny nonetheless. Get tough over words and strike, welp it's blap bck city then. To see a broad, a kind of broad we all bash over here all day long get maced right in the Charlie Chans is heckn hilarious. Out late shit faced drunk dressed like that it deserved it to be...
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    Get A Load Of This Kike

    The headline alone had me busting guts "get a load of this kike" Needed that
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    N.Y. subway shooting habbening

    Get em Buddy don't take no shit
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    Gilbert Gottfried, standup comic and actor, dies at 67

    Good riddance kike
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    It goes wrong once the originators (lead actor) gv the reigns over to a literal kike. It used to be good till u know who dipped their claws in
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    The Synagogue of Gian

    U filthy rabbi ! Now I know why u post so much news. Makes sense. I want my foreskin back Woody Allen