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    Are Women Supposed To Have Enormous Tits?

    When they decide they need fakes it's possible that they aren't seeking more male attention, but that's unlikely. Whether they want it or not that's what they're going to get. And they're gonna like it and more often than not it's going to end your relationship.
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    Are Women Supposed To Have Enormous Tits?

    Do you take personally the anti-anal rhetoric on this board?
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    Are Women Supposed To Have Enormous Tits?

    If you buy your wife tits, know that someone else will be enjoying them at some point. Big mistake. Also @Colonel_Sledgehammer I feel like there should be pictures accompanying this thread.
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    Please tell me this is a bit and not a real story. Please.
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    How tall are you?

    6'5" 225 295lb bench 415lb squat 445lb deadliff 8 pack. Huge cock and balls.
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    General Flynn issues chilling warning about potential false flag event coming

    Rachel Maddow is looking rougher than I rememb- oh shit. My apologies, General.
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    Belgian Anti-Lockdown Rambo Found Dead in the Woods – Allegedly

    If @Donk isn't the correct hypothesis (which sounds entirely probable) and he has really been found, then it's very possible he was actually killed by the military. They may not want to anger any sympathizers and thus state he was found dead rather than he was found dead after we riddled his...
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    Gookwaffen, assemble!

    Ozzy this thread is for attractive women. There are many previous examples to follow.
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    Italian Artist Salvatore Garau Has Just Sold an Invisible Sculpture for $18,000 USD

    Sir. There is a certificate of authentication.
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    Baptist university supports LGBT student group, claims biblical sexuality standards remain

    Baylor is also the school that was covering for their football players going around raping coeds several years ago.
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    Now They’re Saying Aiden Stabbed That Bitch! Self Defense!

    Where are you going with this? If this is a ploy to get the stormer some media attention, it seems in bad taste.
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    MAGA 2021: “Check Out What This Based Tranny is Saying About Fracking!”

    Water contamination is very rare. In order for that to happen you're going to have to have a bad cement job. They pump cement around the casing (pipe) to secure it in place. And these deep wells you're talking about is TD (total depth) which includes vertical depth and lateral depth. If you...
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    MAGA 2021: “Check Out What This Based Tranny is Saying About Fracking!”

    I'd also like to hear from @Andrew Anglin and have him clarify what about fracking is unsafe. Also, they will frack whatever wells are drilled in Alaska as well.
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    Gutfeld isn't funny

    Absolutely scandalous.