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    Large Rally Forms Outside Arizona Senate Hearing — AZ Patriots Come Out in Force as Audit Exposes Massive Fraud in 2020 Election

    It's like Hannity's "Great American" segments. It's treating deadly serious subjects like they're for schoolchildren.
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    Large Rally Forms Outside Arizona Senate Hearing — AZ Patriots Come Out in Force as Audit Exposes Massive Fraud in 2020 Election TL; DR - There was no change in the official count but over 50k votes were potentially fraudulent. Also:
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    Judge to US Capitol rioter: 'You've disgraced this country in the eyes of the world'

    But the shitlibs storming the Kavanaugh hearings were fine. C'mon China. Any day now.
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    In anticipation of pending SCOTUS ruling in December, House Democrats attempt to codify Roe v Wade into Federal law

    Easy call: Gorsuch, Thomas and Alito will. The rest won't. Fuck Kavanaugh and Amy Two Names. To think we went through all that hemming and hawing for cry baby red face only to get these results.
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    Tucker Carlson Continues To Promote White Supremacist ‘Great Replacement’ Conspiracy

    Covid or whatever it is could do me a real solid and take out that bitch Arianna Huffington. It's always the Norm MacDonalds of the world that go and not cunts like her. Did she get her vaxx? I hope she did.
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    First region in Poland abandons anti-LGBT resolution over threats of losing EU funds

    This is worse than not ever having done the resolution in the first place. Why start something you do not intend to finish?
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    Military courts could order ‘red flag’ gun confiscation under defense bill

    In fairness, every time Trump did manage to do something a judge would block it. It's a lot easier to be a despot when the entirety of the ZOG machine is on your side, not opposed to you. It still kills me they blocked plain text legal executive orders blocking certain Muslim foreigners from...
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    Australian Government Attempts to Shut It Down as Melbourne Protestors Stand Their Ground

    The sound of that man's head hitting the concrete is the most hideous thing I have ever heard. Even money he didn't survive or at least is going to end up with brain damage. Words fail at this point. Guess the ACAB guys were right after all.
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    Evil White People Still Segregating Themselves

    The ol' Shuck and Jive Blame Whitey Two Step. When whitey's around, he's causing all the problems. When he leaves, him leaving causes all the problems.
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    Ransomware victims panicked while FBI secretly held REvil decryption key

    Swell bunch of guys, aren't they?
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    Tinnutus the new vaxx side effect...

    Not to be that guy but it's spelled Tinnitus.
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    The Unbelievable Grimness of HermanCainAward, the Subreddit That Catalogs Anti-Vaxxer COVID Deaths

    That's nice. The counterpoints aren't allowed on reddit, so fuck these people and I hope every last one of them get a death entry here.
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    Didi Gregorius blames COVID-19 vaccine for career-worst season

    "This dumb fucking sportsball nigger doesn't know what he's talking about. GET THE JAB."
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    World of Warcraft Paintings Were Censored to Reduce Sexual Content

    I'm gonna say they've wanted and intended to do this for awhile and now have a convenient excuse.