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    Questionnaire: How are you able to detect government lies while so many other people are unable to.

    Simple. Once I realised the Holocaust was a lie, I stopped accepting the going narrative and started to question everything ( including doing my own research where possible )- after that, it's easy to separate the lies from the truth.
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    UK gov not bothering to hide their intentions

    British farmers are,on average, 55+ years old. British agriculture has been a struggle for, what, over a hundred years ? Young British farmers tend to go to Oz or NZ for experience right after they've left college....then return and, if they've got a farm to inheret, happy days. But, more often...
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    50 Migrants Die After Trailer Abandoned in Texas Heat

    Apparently, over 2m browns have just wandered over the Southern border since Brandon took over.... Why pay some dodgy cartel guy to drive you there ?....Laziness? The steak seasoning though, LMFAO !
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    tranny suing NHS over tranny surgery

    Time and again we read this sort of stuff...I mean, I'm not a surgeon but I have an imagination, and can pretty much tell that having your dick chopped off is going to lead to some serious painful consequences.. All this degeneracy and misery started with the legalisation of homosexuality, it...
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    Estonian race driver suspended for saying the N word

    Indeed - shall we begin? N
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    What has Tucker Done with His Hair?

    Watched the video today, didn't notice any change to the hair...come on !
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    "I Virtually Pegged A Guy, And It Was The Best Sex Of My Life"

    Agreed, I got, what, a couple of paragraphs in and found it unreadable....should have known not to start..
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    WATCH: Black Zoo Keeper gets his finger bitten off by Lion

    Zoo keeper ? Looks more like he just rolled in from the 'hood ...