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    Asian beats up black man

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    Asian beats up black man

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    Slurpee Indian Nails It

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    Australia is in a Total Lockdown Because One Man in His Eighties Died – Protests Shut Down with Brutality

    The Ozzies and the Kiwis seem to be taking this hoax to the extreme...shit, they used to be ANZACs ,the most feared fighting men of the Empire ( except perhaps the Gurkhas , the Highlanders and the Guards ) happened??
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    Spiderman attacks Asda workers in London

    Honestly, I don't know whether to laugh or cry.... I mean, ASDA is a pretty shit supermarket chain, but staff actually attacking punters ? Spider man started it but all the little fights that broke out around it, brilliant... Must've been stuff looted from there with all the distractions...😂
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    South Africa: A Glimpse of America’s Future?

    Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia...none of these countries are over run with niggers/Pakistan, indeed some of them are actively blocking them...
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    South Africa: A Glimpse of America’s Future?

    It's a blueprint for not only the USA, but any white country with large scale immigration...
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    Orthodox Jews Being Targeted by "Muggers" In NYC Again

    "full interahamwe"...priceless 😂😂
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    South Africa: Indians Now the Main Target of the Blacks

    Niggers hate Indians because they work hard at their businesses and make them successful... Idi Amin hoofed out the street shitters from Uganda in the late 60s ( or was it early 70s? ) and stole their property to be distributed amongst his cronies .. So, absolutely nothing has changed, and...
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    The First Country Built on “Critical Race Theory” Officially Implodes: South Africa is disintegrating, death toll rises to 212

    I think the whites should just declare independence in, say, Orange free state.... Let's face it, Black SA is a failed 3rd world country, no doubt to be bought up ( completely)by the Chinese and Russians...
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    Two in three Republicans in the South support SECEDING from the US while almost half of Democrats out West say the same, survey finds

    Let's do it indeed, and then, can I emigrate from the UK ? I'm a 50+ white, married, skills, money....
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    The Economist Whines About Winning Euro Team Being Too White

    Northern Italians yes, Southern Italians ....well ; cant remember who said it, or the exact quote, but essentially Italian unification annexed half of Ethiopia...
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    BREAKING: AZ Senate Leader Announces The NUMBERS DON’T MATCH in Arizona Forensic Audit

    Well, we'll have to wait and see, won't we ?
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    With 'Boos You Lose - Useless Niggers Lose European Championship Soccer Competition For English

    Me too, @ 6/1 Italy to win the tournament, my money was well spent..🤑