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    77% of Vaccinated People Say They’re Willing to Get a “Booster” Injection

    I’m surprised it’s not close to 100% of vaxxers wanting the 3rd shot. If you’ve taken 2 shots already it’s too late to be worrying about the vax.
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    UK: Children Could Override Parent’s Decision About Coronavirus Vaccine, Vaccine Minister Says

    Absolutely sickening and totally abhorrent. There is no depths the UK government won’t sink to in the name of this fake virus. They cannot make the ridiculous claim to be going along with ‘science’ anymore now they’ve gone against their own ‘scientists’. There’s a special place in hell for these...
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    Pfizer is Already Producing Twice Per Day Covid Pill

    I imagine they will start charging for all these multiple vaccines and pills you will need to constantly take to participate in society. The first round was free, but next time you’re paying goy!
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    New Zealandites Cockblocked From Viewing the Whales – Whale-Viewing is “Non-Essential”

    I get where you are coming from Coltraine. I could very well believe that the writer of the NZ article was not being ironic and I too took that as them being serious. The point of this stupid Jewish irony is to confuse, gaslight and mock people for being earnest and taking others at their word...
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    Watch: Australian Cops Are After People Who Break Rules of Coronavirus Regime

    Are we at the point yet where not taking the vax or lying about your covid status is treated as a serious crime like murder?!
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    Psychotronic Cyborg Interface to Make Your Life Even More Interesting

    I just wanna say that was a great article and I enjoyed reading it
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    Italy: Local Lega Politician Gets Arrested for Shooting 39-Year-Old Syrian Child Refugee from Morocco

    Just get away from these niggers and leave the women to get what’s coming to them. Self segregate from niggers and worthless whores!
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    Is Spanish KFC the official fried chicken of white supremacy?

    That is the coolest advert I’ve ever seen I don’t care if it’s real or not
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    UK Celebrates “Freedom Day” as Coronavirus Restrictions Supposedly Being Lifted

    I went once when I was 18. That was enough.
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    Hacker Hacks OnlyFans Slut Account, Calls Subscribers “Niggers,” Uploads ISIS Beheading Videos

    Hero. We need more hackers on only fans. Hope the whole site gets taken down and all these filthy sluts go bankrupt.
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    UK: NHS Looking Into Giving Free Liposuction to Fat Women

    Build a giant McDonald’s on a remote island and crane lift the tubbies over there and let nature take its course.
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    UK Celebrates “Freedom Day” as Coronavirus Restrictions Supposedly Being Lifted

    You’ve got to be suffering some severe level of Stokholm Sydrome/complete retardation to willingly download an app that forces you to imprison yourself in your home for two weeks on the off chance someone in the approximate vicinity of you may have passed an unproven virus with a near 100%...
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    “Coronavirus Surge Teams” – Vaxxy Joe Unleashing Door-to-Door Vaxx Police Into American Heartland

    This is a typical Jewish media trick of framing the argument with an absurd premise. Rather than in a sane world where the media would be asking ‘Why are the government so desperate for people to get a vaccine for an, at best, unproven virus and at worse a virus with a near 100% survival rate?’...
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    New Hoax: Science Priest Claims “Long Covid” Has More Than 200 Symptoms, Wants Mass Testing

    Seeing as anything and everything can be classified as covid and people will go along with hot, this hoax can literally go on for as long as the elites want to push this. The possibilities for this hoax are literally endless!
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    TikTok Star With 26M Followers Says He Tricks Women Into Unprotected Sex by Saying He’s Sterile

    Almost everything that comes out of a woman’s mouth is a lie